Who is smith&hsu?

At the heart of a passion!

Brought up in a coal miner’s family in Keelung Taiwan the hardship of daily life forced me to value the few simple pleasures which were given to us. One of them was to bring my father his daily lunch and tea to the mine. I discovered that tea was that simple luxury which could expel the long dark shadow of the mine which covered the faces of my father and his colleagues and in a mystical way brought back the smile onto those hardened black faces. The local tea was an imperial ingredient in our daily life and was widely used both as a beverage and in food. My grandmother used tea leaves to wash her still black hair leaving it shiny and soft and with a fragrance which became one of my childhood’s dearest memories of sense.


Through the years a deep passion for Chinese and British tea culture and an equal passion for contemporary lifestyle developed into a dream of opening a contemporary teahouse with the memory of my childhood’s simple luxury as the founding philosophy of my undertaking. I opened the first smith&hsu teahouse in No.33, Zhong Xiao East Road in Taipei City in May 2007 and since then smith&hsu has grown into one of the most recognized tea houses in Taiwan, combining excellent teas with luxury tea accessories. 

We believe that our new venture - named t-post – has two purposes: To bring people around the globe closer together and to spread the many pleasures of sharing some of the finest tea human in collaboration with nature can create.

I hope we with the smith&hsu t-post project can bring an approving smile on all people’s lips… it is tea to remember!


James Hsu
Owner of smith&hsu and the initiator of t-post.